Healing Touch Chapter 9 K/U [NC-17]

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Summary: A sequel to "My Faith in You," addressing Uhura's recovery from a brutal attack and the depths of Kirk's commitment to keep her in his world.


The Governor's Ball had been in full swing when Pahzj finally decided it was time for them to make their appearance. Apparently, arriving fashionably late was a method of establishing your rank in Potakai society. Since it was a fete arranged by the Planetary Governors, they had no choice but to be punctual; however, the Royal party did not arrive until shortly after Kirk and Uhura.

The Federation Consort was in awe as they entered the ballroom. Hundreds of couples were dancing Potakai-style, that is, facing each other, crests displayed in the most erect posture possible and both palms extended to meet their partners. The couples swirled across the floor in stylized unison. Everyone was dressed to the hilt; she was bedazzled by the opulence that surrounded her. The only thing she could compare it to was Carnivale on Risa--flashy but structured.

Uhura suddenly felt very small and plain. There was nothing she could do about her height--even the stilettos she wore did not put her at eye level with Jim, and he was shorter than the average Potakai. However, in their apartments she had been pleased with her attire, a richly embroidered maroon silk that swathed her body in Roman fashion--one shoulder and hip bare with a long train draped across the opposite shoulder. Now she felt like the ugly duckling, there was no way she could compete with the easy grace and glamour that exuded from the women here. She froze for a moment and brought Kirk up short as he attempted to continue their entrance. A knowing smile transformed his face and his eyes softened as he took in her hesitancy.

"Penda, you're just as beautiful as any woman here. In fact, you're more beautiful because I have you all to myself." He whispered softly into her ear.

The compliment caused electricity to race along Uhura's spine and she drew herself erect while searching for a confident smile. Uhura allowed him to draw her into the maelstrom of pageantry, barely aware of anyone other than him. His attention helped her recapture the poise that had momentarily escaped her.

Tonight Jim was so handsome it almost hurt to look at him. He wore a deep forest green suit with copper-hammered studs embedded across the shoulders and tapered down the center of his cropped jacket. His only other embellishments were a Federation pin he wore over his heart and the feather token from Anata'ka in his hair. When he smiled at her he took her breath away. How would she be able to let him go? Uhura shoved that thought away; they still had time together and she would not waste it worrying about reality. Now was not reality--now was definitely not reality.

"Zhames and Nyota, you make a handsome couple tonight." Anata'ka greeted them warmly as they neared the Royal entourage. Chota'di stood by her side and gave them both a slight nod.

"Yes, Ambassador, I must admit you Humans seem to understand Potakai custom well. I believe Lady Uhura has outdone all the women here." Ramsha'ka outrageously flirted with her. Uhura felt her cheeks flush with happy embarrassment, but she managed to give the handsome Prince a charming smile.

"Thank you, Your Highness." She replied demurely.

"I was just complimenting her myself, Ramsha'ka, but I think we would be remiss if we failed to include Anata'ka and Lilu'ka in that assessment as well."

Kirk gave the women a devastating smile before taking their hands and bowing low, touching each hand to his brow. It was a Potakai ritual for showing courtly affection between a man and a woman. Both women fairly tittered at the unabashed flirt and Ramsha'ka laughed as he nodded in agreement with Kirk. Uhura noted Chota'di did not; he was busily schooling his features to show nothing at all. She decided it would be prudent to bring him into the conversation as well.

"And General, may I say you look quite handsome in your uniform." She allowed the attraction she felt for the elegant Warrior to shine through her eyes.

A small smile curled the corners of Chota'di's mouth and Uhura was struck by the similarity she found with Spock's ghost of a smile he sometimes shared with her. In fact, she realized, Chota'di reminded her of the Vulcan in many ways: his quiet reserve, coupled with tremendous powers of observation and dedication--just to name a few. Anata'ka looked up at her escort and fairly beamed with pride. He was handsome and she could not help but acknowledge that point.

"Thank you, My Lady." He replied back formally but he softened the response by allowing some warmth to reach his eyes as well.

"Zhames, this is a Ball, would you and Nyota humor us by showing us how Human's dance? We are curious to see if it is anything like Potakai dancing. We would be interested to learn." The Dowager asked in the Royal mode.

Kirk looked at Uhura, arching his brow in silent communion; they had known this moment was coming. She felt butterflies in the pit of her stomach, but smiled nonetheless; they were at a Ball after all.

"I assure you, Your Highness, we are hardly role models, but I believe we can demonstrate the basics. It would appear the main difference in our dancing is how closely the partners are to each other. We Humans do not have such magnificent crests, so we tend to dance closer together."

As the next tune began, Kirk held out his hand to Uhura, escorting her out onto the dance floor. The music was only slightly slower than what had been playing previously. Kirk pulled Uhura close into his arms. She draped her arm around his neck and melded her body into his as he swept her across the floor in a graceful waltz. His hand slipped to her bare hip and gently caressed it as he danced with her. She knew he could feel her shiver under his touch, yet he tortured her more by moving his hand to rest against the small of her back. Every place their bodies touched set Uhura on fire.

She lost herself in the moment as they danced. All the other couples stopped and watched the two Humans as they glided across the floor. He moved them gracefully, full of confidence even as they became the center of attention. He smiled down at her and Uhura found herself laughing back; the confidence was contagious when she was with him. The music ended all too quickly in Uhura's opinion, but the Potakai chirps of applause caused her to be grateful they had ended their dance so near the Royals.

"I think Humans have the advantage over Potakai where dancing is concerned." Anata'ka exclaimed enviously.

"Nyota, would you allow me to dance with Zhames in Human fashion? See, Zhames, there is a reason your crest is short, it will allow us to dance 'together' as you phrased it."

Uhura grinned at the surprised look on Kirk's face before answering the Dowager. "Of course, Your Highness."

Kirk recovered well. He extended his hand and led the Empress out onto the floor with a flourish. Anata'ka placed her hand on his shoulder while Kirk placed his hand high in the center of her back. Anata'ka was just as tall as Jim was and she looked him confidently in the eyes as he eased them across the floor. After a few false steps Anata'ka quickly settled into his rhythm.

'Well, another good use of telepathy' Uhura thought. 'She can sense his moves before he makes them. It helps in language, why not dancing.'

Ramsha'ka took Lilu'ka's hand and escorted her out to join the other couple. They began to dance as well; however, wary of entanglements, they danced Potakai fashion. Other couples slowly began to return to the dance floor. Ramsha'ka's entry seemed to note that it was permissible to join in. Uhura felt a presence beside her and looked up into Chota'di's pensive eyes.

"Would Lady Uhura honor me with a dance?" He asked cautiously, as if he was more worried she would accept rather than decline.

"I would, General." She affirmed graciously.

He led her out onto the floor and placed his hands, palms outward to her in Potakai fashion. Uhura placed her palms against his and allowed him to press her into the swirl of other couples. He was an excellent dancer and kept her from embarrassing them too much. Occasionally she caught him watching Anata'ka and Kirk, just for a moment, but he knew where they were at all times. Uhura quickly learned to enjoy this style of dancing, while it was not nearly as physically intimate as human dancing could be, the opportunity to stare into your partner's eyes could be quite arousing on its own.

As the first song ended, Chota'di kept her on the floor, surreptitiously watching to see if Anata'ka and Kirk returned to the sidelines. When they did not, he asked her to dance with him again. She accepted and he pushed her to the fringes, away from most of the other couples as they began their second dance. When she looked up again, he held her gaze before speaking.

"Anat says you and I have much in common as well." He started, alluding back to their conversation earlier in the day.

"Oh, really? In what way General?" Uhura asked. She noticed Chota'di used the familiar form of the Dowager's name. Within the Potakai language, failing to use an honorific was an acknowledgement of intimacy.

"She says you and the Ambassador are not allowed to show your true feelings for one another. That, as your captain, he is your superior and you are a vassal to his duty." His voice was low, speaking just loudly enough for her to hear.

Uhura was shocked, but attempted to keep her face composed. Here was the Commanding General of all the Potakai Warriors admitting to her of his forbidden involvement with the Empress. Yet, she supposed, from his perspective, she was a kindred spirit.

"Misa mren, is that the right word?" Uhura asked cautiously, she had no idea where this conversation was going.

"Yes, it describes my situation with Anat." He answered forthrightly.

"In our culture, to be alone is unthinkable for one of her caste and rank. However, no one has been strong enough to challenge or bond with her. Still, most of our ceremonies require a mate; therefore, I became her escort in public. Over the years the role has taken on new meaning. Anat has taught me to 'appreciate' many ideas foreign to a Warrior."

Uhura watched as Chota'di's face grew soft as he relived those memories for a moment before bringing himself back to the present. He glided her away from a stray couple before renewing the conversation.

"If we are similar, how do you stand it? How do you work beside him each day and then go to your quarters alone each night?" His voice was edged with strain, both from the emotions felt and the stress of actually voicing them.

Moved to express some form of compassion, Uhura laced her fingers with his and squeezed gently. Careful of their appearance, he forced his crest back into brilliant display as he looked to her for answers.

"I consider the alternatives. Until recently, I guess I've always just accepted our roles within Starfleet's regulations. I'm not sure I could even stand to be the sole focus of his attention. But, for now, that's not an option and I must live with it or leave the Enterprise. I'm choosing to live with it. We don't have the ability to share thoughts as you and Anata'ka do, but we have been able to come to an understanding of a sort. It's fragile, and destined to end once this mission is over, but it's more than I ever expected to have. I guess bittersweet is better than no sweetness at all. I know that’s not very helpful to you, but only you can find a reason worthy enough to keep going."

Uhura stumbled to find the words to describe her relationship with Jim. Perhaps she was more confused than Chota'di... .

"I'm trying, but it is difficult to see the world as she does. I am a Warrior, born to protect. I have done so faithfully all my life. Now, she would ask me to forget what I am--to be something, someone different--I cannot. When the time comes I will die with my Warriors. I would do as she asks, and stay with her, but it is not meant to be."

Uhura's mind reeled with the implication of Chota'di's confession. Here was further evidence that Anata'ka planned to change the Warrior's destiny.

"I'm sorry, Chota'di. I can't fathom what it must be like to know one's destiny with such finality. I do know it is an honor to have met you." Tears came to Uhura's eyes and she had to blink them away quickly.

"Do not be sad, My Lady. It is the greatest honor to have served well and brought an end to the war. My only regret will be in leaving Anat alone once again."

For the first time, Chota'di smiled a full, if somewhat sad smile. His face morphed from the stern, battle-hardened Warrior, to a gentle, loving man. As the music ended the second time, he again searched the crowd and saw Anata'ka and Kirk walk to the side. He smiled again, this time with less sadness. Guiding her back toward the returning couple, he softly spoke into her ear.

"I am grateful for your honesty, My Lady. I wish you much happiness in your life."

"General," Anata'ka spoke in amused resignation, "We can postpone our acknowledgement of the Governors for no longer. It shan't be nearly as fun as human dancing, but duty must come first."

Anata'ka smiled with no hint of regret as she fluttered her feathers before continuing.

"Zhames, I'm afraid I have set a bad precedent by indulging my curiosity. I sense many that intend to ask the same favor of you and Nyota. Please forgive me. Potakai curiosity never wanes."

Kirk gave her a wry grin in return before replying for their ears only.

"Just be sure and warn me if I start to get into trouble again. I noticed Kesh'ka was here tonight too."

"That is, as you would say, 'a deal'." Anata'ka laughed and quickly tossed her crest in agreement before allowing Chota'di to escort her to the Governor's dais. The General nodded respectfully to Kirk, but dropped his crest to Uhura as he led the Dowager away. In an apparent effort to close ranks, Ramsha'ka and Lilu'ka joined them on their way.

"So, did you enjoy your turn around the floor with the General?" Kirk asked with a smile.

"Oh, definitely, he's quite an excellent dancer. " Uhura tried to sound carefree, but she couldn't quite get the edge of sadness out of her voice. Kirk watched the retreating form of the Warrior for a moment before looking at her intently. She knew he was ready to ask her what was wrong, but she pressed on, somehow not ready to share her moment with the General.

"As Anata'ka's escort, he must put in a lot of practice. How did you and Anata'ka do?" She asked just a little too brightly. She could tell he was still debating whether to question her or leave it till later.

"Pretty well, mostly. She seemed to have a difficult time remembering where to keep her hands, though. I practically got felt up a time or two." He confided only partly in jest.

Uhura tried very hard not to burst out in laughter. Hearing Kirk complain, even jokingly, of someone taking advantage of him was just priceless. At the sight of her near hysteria, he rolled his eyes and took on an air of long suffering.

"I am not as bad as everyone makes me out to be." He said in exasperation.

"You're right. Absolutely not--you're worse." She answered with a knowing grin. His attempt to humor her at his own expense touched Uhura's heart.

"Remind me to put you on report later." He muttered as he tried to squelch his own smile.

When the next song began, eager Potakai approached both Humans. As Anata'ka had warned, their evening quickly degenerated into a custom-exchange program. Neither Kirk nor Uhura had much time to themselves for the rest of the Ball, as it became the novelty of the evening to dance in Human fashion.


Uhura tipped into her bedroom, kicking the despised stilettos off as she rounded the corner. She stopped suddenly in mid-kick, as she noticed the room was bare of all her possessions. Flinging off the second shoe, she padded around the room gingerly, looking to see if anything of hers was left. Finding nothing, she sighed and made her way out into the common room. As usual, it appeared the staff had all retired for the evening. Uhura approached Kirk's door and knocked softly on the open panel.

Kirk was standing at the foot of his bed, holding up a silky negligee that in no way could be construed as 'his size'. At the sound of her approach, he turned, moving the wisp of material in her direction.

"I think this would look better on you. What do you think?" He offered casually.

"Oh, I don't know, I guess so. I did promise you nothing in pink." Uhura quipped back; at least she had found her belongings.

"And I thank you; however, it would appear Pahzj and Nesz have decided we should be roommates." He said as he glanced around the room, taking in the extra set of belongings now ensconced there.

"I mean, why keep dirtying up two rooms when we seem to spend so much time in this one?" He grinned and brought the nightie to her, holding it out and matching it up to her body.

"A logical train of thought. I can stand it if you can." She grinned at him and attempted to take the proffered garment, but he pulled it back toward himself.

"Do you really need to put this on, just to have me take it off?" The playfulness in his eyes set Uhura's nerves aflame.

"Sometimes that's half the fun." She answered seductively and tried again to reach for the negligee, stepping forward and wincing in pain as her foot reminded her of its prior abuse.

"Owww," she hissed and made her way to the nearest place to sit--the edge of his bed.

Quickly grasping the reason for her whimper, Kirk quipped, "Ahhh, and now I'll have to cite you for being wounded in the line of duty," as he sat down next to her, negligee forgotten, and reached down to pull her aching feet up into his lap.

She flushed for a moment as his strong fingers kneaded the soles of her feet. Even after the intimacy they had shared, his nurturing action made her turn to jelly inside. Being able to do nothing other than lie back and enjoy it, she complied as he continued to massage the ache from first one foot and then the other. She closed her eyes and savored his ministrations, opening them as his touch turned more sensual and moved up her leg.

"Now, is that better?" He asked softly as he slipped out from under her feet and pulled himself up beside her on the bed.

"Mmmm...much better." She purred. He had both relaxed and aroused her with his tenderness.

"Good. Now, where were we? Something about the necessity of you undressing... ." He whispered in her ear as he rolled onto his back and pulled Uhura along with him. From that vantage he was able to loosen the train of her gown and pull it away from her shoulders, exposing her breasts.

"You're too good at this." Uhura chided him as she found herself nearly undressed.

"I just executed a highly considered plan. I should get praise for its flawlessness, not chastised." He remarked as he rolled her onto her back and began to nip and caress what he had exposed.

"Oh...mmm...you're definitely going to get praised." She sighed in his ear as he moved up and started nibbling on her neck.

Uhura felt her way to the fastenings of his jacket and worked them free. She pushed it off his shoulders while he continued to nuzzle her ear. Finally, he stopped and got off the bed, attempting to undress before she stopped him with a challenge.

"Slowly, Jim, do it slowly so I can look at you and enjoy it."

At her words his eyes became dark, his pupils dilating with excitement, but he stopped rushing and began the ritual of slowly undressing. Each move was a seduction in and of itself as he finished removing his jacket, then began to torture her with each fastener of his shirt. Uhura's own eyes dilated in excitement as he stood there in his open shirt, the fire fountain light dancing across the muscles of his chest. A small whimper escaped her lips when he undid the fly of his pants; slowly peeling them off his hips and letting them drop to the floor. He stepped out of them gracefully and Uhura's eyes fixated on his prominent erection straining against his briefs.

"I might need help with these." He said huskily.

Uhura quickly pulled herself to her knees and reached out to him, but slowed down as she touched his hips.

"Perhaps I could be persuaded to offer some assistance. What do I get in return?" She whispered into his ear as she teasingly ran her fingers along the band of his briefs.

"Oh, I don't know. I thought I had earned some credit with that foot massage." Playing her game, he chuckled deep in his throat as he began to caress her breasts. "But if you need more enticement, I'm sure we can work something out."

"I'm sure we can." Uhura agreed as she slid her fingers into his waistband and slowly eased them off his hips.

Kirk stood still and allowed her to stroke him all over as she pushed the briefs to the floor. Freed from the last of his clothes, he continued his quest in removing the rest of Uhura's gown. His hands traveled lightly and delightfully over her body as he unwound the last of the silk and tossed the offending garment to the floor.

Still on her knees, Uhura smiled at him as she leaned in to taste his lips. Tonight was far different from the night before. Gone was the fear of allowing his touch. Now, it had been replaced by an overwhelming desire to possess him; she actually burned with need. She was desperate to experience, in their few remaining nights together, what she suspected a lifetime could not hold. In fact, the impermanence of it made her daring, willing to push the boundary of their new relationship.

She ran her fingers through his hair as she pulled him tightly to her body. The heat and hardness she felt between them only enflamed her more. She reached down and grasped his firm shaft with one hand, stroking and squeezing it with desire. With the other hand she cupped his testicles: heavy with promise, they provoked her into action. Breaking free from the returned embrace, Uhura scooted back onto the bed, drawing Jim down with her.

"Tonight, I want to make love to you. Tonight--I'm the Captain and you must obey *me*." She whispered as she pushed him onto his back and settled herself across his hips.

"Close your eyes. They distract me too much and I want to focus solely on you. I want to touch you all over and memorize every inch of you."

"I thought you'd never ask." He purred against her lips as he returned her kisses.

"I'm shy." Uhura said with a wink as she sat up and brazenly rubbed her own breasts and hips.

"I used to think so." Kirk sighed softly as he closed his eyes and lay back, letting her take charge of the evening.

Uhura started at his head and ran her fingers through his hair; it was soft and silky between her fingers. She stroked his face with her hands, gently caressing his temple and jaw, memorizing the planes and angles of his handsome features. Next, she outlined his ears with the edge of a nail and felt him shudder at her touch. She passed her fingertips gently over his brow and drank in the sight of his long lashes resting against his skin. For now, the mesmerizing hazel eyes were hidden from her gaze. The eyes that, with a glance, could make her do anything.

She softly ran her finger across his bottom lip and Kirk's mouth slightly opened, inviting her to slip it inside. Uhura slid the tip in, seeking the soft wetness of his tongue, and was met with that and more. He sucked on the tip and she allowed him to draw more of her finger inside his mouth. His tongue wrapped itself around the intruder and Uhura felt the reaction all the way down into her core. At her shudder, a knowing smile lit Jim's face and she was able to rescue her finger from further provocation.

From his mouth, she continued on to his strong neck and shoulders. Here she stopped briefly and leaned in to nuzzle the tender spot where the two met. Her nipples grazed his hot skin and he raised his hands, ready to take possession, before he caught himself and dropped them back to the bed. Uhura breathed in deeply, losing herself in his scent mixed in with the spiciness of his cologne. She nipped under his chin and the delicate lobe of his ear.

She ran her hands down across the deep muscle of his shoulders, marveling at the smooth hardness under her touch, before continuing downward over the length of his biceps and forearms. She brushed lightly backwards against the hair on his forearms and felt chill bumps rise on his skin from her gentle teasing.

Reaching down, she picked up one of his hands and laced her fingers with his before pulling it to her mouth and kissing his palm. She traced his lifeline with her tongue and nipped the pads at the base of his fingers. Finally, she took one of his fingers in her mouth and sucked it till he let out a soft moan and arched his body up into hers. She pressed her hips down hard against his and waited for him to relax, then placed his fingers against her lips and let him feel her smile. She returned his arm back against his side and continued her exploration of his body.

She ran her hands over his smooth pectorals, stopping to brush the tips of his nipples on her way down his chest. Again she leaned down, capturing first one and then the other of his hard buds between her teeth and gently tugging. A soft hiss escaped his lips and his hands were on her hips, pulling her against him. She let go of her prize and he slowly loosened his grip, letting her work her way toward greater rewards.

Uhura moved down his taut belly, until she came to the inviting hairline that started just below his navel. She inched her way down its path to find his throbbing erection. It jumped in excitement as her breath caressed it. She kissed its moist head and he moaned and arched his back, begging for something more. Uhura lazily licked the head, allowing her tongue to play with its groove before slowly engulfing him. She pulled herself away, letting all but his head escape before she took him back into her mouth. This time with more speed and firmness, then pulling away slowly again. She continued, varying the pattern and speed of her lips and tongue. Kirk's hands entwined into her hair and he moaned in time with her movements.

His soft cries and the hardness she was devouring brought Uhura to her own limits. She regretfully let him go so she could climb back up his body and capture the lips that were softly calling her name. She rose up on her knees and slowly sank down upon him. He growled deep in his throat and kissed her back hard. She knew he wanted to thrust up with his hips, but he settled for doing so with just his tongue. He allowed her to set the pace as she finally settled on him and gently started to rock. His hands found her breasts and claimed them, kneading them roughly at first before turning tender.

Uhura rode him, grinding herself against his hardness, clenching sore muscles around the welcome invader. She increased her tempo, caught up in the primal rhythm that controlled her. Kirk's hips slammed up to meet hers, each thrust pushing her nearer and nearer. As she clenched one last time of her own volition, her body took over and began its own spasm of release. Wave after wave of pleasure racked her body and caused stronger contractions. He could no longer resist and came himself, pulling her down against him in a powerful embrace and holding her there as his body was rocked by powerful shudders.

Capturing his lips in a hard kiss, Uhura grasped his hair in her hands and held the kiss until their bodies no longer bucked with release. Slowly, she backed off and began a more tender, gentle kiss, rocking her hips in blissful afterglow. She grazed her lips over his cheeks and his still-closed eyes. He opened them at her touch and she was struck with the whimsy of Snow White awakening her Prince Charming. Both the smile and look he gave her were wanton.

"So, where did you go to Command School? If the Academy teaches this, I must have missed that day."

"Oh, I can't tell you…let's just say it was Advanced Training…only a select few are chosen for it." She purred between soft kisses to his mouth and neck. "I graduated with Honors." She whispered against his ear.

"And I'm extremely gratified you did, 'Captain' Uhura." He laughed, delight for the woman who still sat astride him shining in his eyes.

Suddenly overwhelmed by emotion, Uhura curled her body around him, tucking her head against his chest and under his chin, savoring the moment. She could hear his heart beat as it calmed itself down to its normal slow rhythm. Sensing her need for closeness, Kirk wrapped his arms around her and she felt him kiss the top of her head. He held her like that for a long time, eventually sliding her off to tuck in neatly against his side. Exhausted from the previous late nights and the non-stop dancing at the Ball, they drifted off to sleep together.





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