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Summary: A sequel to "The Future is Worth Living" and "What Could Have Been". NOT a part of my Realizations series.

Vulcan dictionary:
kaiidth: philosophical expression, what is, is
kazhuksu: colleague
ne ki'ne: shield partner, the person a warrior could trust most in the heat of battle; a trusted friend and skilled warrior
t'hy'la: friend-lover- lifelong companion, blood brother/sister; soulmate; soul-brother/ sister

innamorati: Italian for young lovers.


Vulcans do not argue. Instead they bludgeon one to death with logic and deductive reasoning. In either case, Nyota knew her only recourse was to flee to her quarters--to gain some distance--to hide from Spock's too perceptive questioning regarding her feelings for the Captain. Inches from her doorway, a strong hand planted firmly against the over-heated chest made her point more strongly than words could.

The near black eyes raked over her before hooding themselves like a poised cobra. "We will continue this discussion later, Nyota."

Uhura kept her gaze steady, throwing more than bluff into her silent rebuttal of 'but not now'. She stared him down, glaring hard until Spock walked away, a curt nod his final acknowledgement they would revisit this conversation.

'What conversation? ' She thought wildly to herself as she slipped into the safety of her quarters. Spock challenged her feelings for the Captain hardly before the lab doors closed on Kirk's retreating form. Her mind reeling from their discovery, weeks of quiet liaisons blown away by one painfully innocent visit to Spock's personal lab--how could she answer? In seconds, Kirk's guileless face, for once unarmored by his command persona, showed emotions that tore into her chest like a jagged blade. Shock at who he saw entwined against the workbench, embarrassment at intruding on something obviously not meant to be shared, hurt that it was not him she turned to, anger that is was not him she wanted. The humor and camaraderie died in his eyes, replaced by such coldness Nyota still shivered from his stare.

How, in those few seconds, did Spock sense her guilt and regret when she hardly recognized it herself? After their one instance of intimacy in the arboretum, when a shared kiss seemed more of a lifeline than a romantic interlude, Nyota thought perhaps something deeper would develop between her and the Captain. But although she still occasionally felt his gaze caress her during the quietness of a shift, he never approached her, never allowed her to see the vulnerability and tenderness of that kiss again.

And then Spock came forth, subtly changing the tone of their music lessons to an appreciation of a new sort. Her mind and body were overwhelmed by the intensity of his interest. The feel of his lips, the whisper of his mind as it encircled and enslaved hers, the passion his body ripped from her core; it was now all at risk because she could not explain the feelings Kirk's look evoked.

Her feelings: panic, embarrassment layered with longing and regret, how did Nyota explain those last two to herself--much less Spock? But Spock was touching her at that instant, seeing and sensing her primal thoughts--without filter--without reason to govern them. He felt her flare of desire for the Captain and her embarrassment at being caught in Spock's embrace. Reading her thoughts from less than true psi points, did he understand the nuances wrapped within such base instinct? That the embarrassment was for being caught breaking regs, not in whose company she was found? Yet harder to explain to Spock or herself, the deep-seated attraction she felt for Kirk when his gaze had locked with hers--before the anger--before the shutdown--a nanosecond of longing only the human heart could capture.

"Our discovery has unsettled you," was Spock's initial remark--a tentative foray into the depths of Uhura's bedlam of emotions. At her continued silence he pushed harder. "Nyota, you cannot hide your attraction to Jim from me. I felt it as you did--it is real."

She saw the question in his eyes: 'do you want him instead of me?' It went unasked but she was afraid continued silence would be construed as an answer. "Spock, what you felt was shock and surprise at being caught--by the Captain no less. Of course I'm upset--we could both be reprimanded for breaking regulations. "

Recognizing Nyota's response as one of delay, Spock decided to allow it for the moment. "I have never known the Captain to particularly enforce the fraternization regulations- -except with himself. However, I will inquire if we are to be brought up on charges."

Not liking the idea of where that conversation would take Spock with Kirk, Uhura back-peddled, "I'd just leave it alone Spock, as you said, the Captain will probably let it drop."

Internally, Spock sighed; he was not proficient in non-linear problem solving and decided to abandon the attempt. "As much as Humans claim to embrace their emotions, they frequently choose to ignore those that make them uncomfortable. Nyota, your attraction disquiets you but it must be examined and addressed if we are to continue our current relationship. "

"Spock, it doesn't matter, you just said so yourself, the Captain does not fraternize-- " Nyota felt as if she was standing on the surface of Sol; her lungs scorched as she tried to breathe.

"--Which explains why he has not pursued his own attraction toward you." Spock realized Nyota's agitation did not allow her to make a cohesive argument. He would be patient.

"What? His attraction toward me?" Desperate for an escape route, Uhura used the change in point of view to move toward the door.

"Nyota, I am Vulcan, and although we choose to govern our emotions, we do possess them. As a male, I recognize another male's interest in one I consider mine. Jealousy is an emotion Vulcan's eschew--but I feel it tonight." The confession was bitter in Spock's mouth. He doubted the chasteness between his lover and his best friend.

"It's unbecoming." She skewered him while beating a tactical retreat out of his lab.

They reached an impasse outside her quarters, Uhura would not invite him in and Spock would not continue such a private discussion in the openness of the corridor. She watched him stalk off, regretting her verbal censure when he had only sought reassurance from her. Why had she withheld it?


The hour was late but Spock knew Kirk would not be asleep. He had spent the time since walking away from Nyota in deep meditation, seeking an answer to their dilemma. An idea had come to him, one far from optimal, but still a potential solution to the fracture between them. Now, all that remained was convincing the others.


The chime to Kirk's quarters claimed an interest he was determined to ignore. He knew who was on the other side of the door and was not ready to have the inevitable conversation. The door opened anyway.

"Using your override code is not meant for personal use, Mister Spock." His voice was flat, no energy left to expend in anger, all of that fleeing when he saw Uhura in Spock's arms. His mind was still in shock from finding them together. The bitter pill of regret still sat heavily in his gut.

"If it were personal, Captain, I would have used the connector between our lavatories." Spock corrected him as a matter of course. "No, my consideration for the well being of the command staff is of official and prime importance."

Eying Spock skeptically, Kirk dismissed his comment. "I hardly think the bridge crew will crash and burn because I caught you and Uhura in a clinch." He would keep this about them, superficial.

"It is not the behavior of the others that concerns me, Jim. It is yours and Nyota's I wish to discuss--"

"And I don't wish to discuss it, so unless you're submitting yourself to me for reprimand, I'm not talking." It was not his intent to bring up the regs, Kirk could care less who slept with who so long as his ship ran smoothly, but he did not want to go down this path.

Spock stiffened his posture, broadcasting his resolve to be heard. "If that is necessary in order to continue our discussion then so be it, however, it has not been your practice to involve yourself in shipboard liaisons. I am curious as to why you would do so now."

"I'm *not* involving myself, Spock. In fact, I'm trying hard to avoid any conversation about it at all. I'll be happy to look the other way if you walk away--now." His eyes flicked to the door, silently inviting Spock to leave. This was not superficial; Kirk's whole body tensed at Spock's stubbornness to talk about a tryst he'd rather not have seen.

"Jim, because of the authority over their lives, only the captain and XO are formally restricted from crew involvement. Why has the situation never arisen with you? As a Human, you are subject to loneliness even more than myself." The change in tactics put Kirk on guard--the topic shifting to his behavior rather than Spock's setting off all kinds of alarms.

"My personal life is my own business, Mister Spock; we were discussing your break with the regs, not mine." The rebuff was meant to shut down Spock's inquest but the Vulcan waited patiently for Kirk to answer the question.

Recognizing the ploy and hating himself for responding, Kirk continued. "I govern what goes on aboard the Enterprise. Relationships and their tolerance are at my discretion. But, as captain, I have a different set of eyes on me--ones far less tolerant of liaisons--ones far more likely to transfer perceived distractions off the ship. I won't risk my command, or the careers of others, on something I can't have."

"Yet only a lapse in my timing made you aware of Nyota and me. How much more difficult for the Admiralty to notice what happens light years away?" He left the question hanging, quietly noting the visibility of the pulse point at Kirk's right temple.

The argument had been made before but Kirk knew the risk was all too real. "But accidents do happen, Spock. Lapses in timing and judgment occur. The crew have eyes and a duty to report what they see, if not now, then later, when they leave ship. A bad review can easily result in some sort of retribution. "

"Such claims can be made regardless of facts--and unless the accuser has incontrovertible evidence--they are largely ignored." This discussion was as circuitous as his earlier one with Nyota; but Spock was counting on Jim's impatience to give him his opening.

"Unless the eyes watching you belong to Admiral Heihachiro Nogura--my patron saint and personal inquisitor all rolled into one. Why does any of this matter, Spock? The issue at hand is not my involvement with anyone, but yours and Uhura's." True to his nature, Kirk pushed up from his chair to stalk across the room, pacing like a caged animal.

"Yes, Jim, indeed, unless we invite you to join us."


"Excuse me?" He could not have heard that right.

"Yes, Jim, you did hear me correctly. I am asking if you would consider an involvement with Nyota, knowing I will not step aside." It was taking a large amount of will to present the concept so calmly but it was the only logical option. He wanted Nyota; Nyota also wanted Jim; Jim wanted Nyota. He would add Jim to the parameters of their relationship. With Nyota as the fulcrum of their unique scale, all sides would remain in balance.

"Spock, I know you don't mean it this way, but you're dangerously close to 'pimping out' your companion. I don't think Uhura would appreciate it very much either." Kirk had to process the idea as a Vulcan's very bad attempt at humor, any other consideration was ludicrous. His temples now beat in stereo.

Arching an elegant brow, Spock recalculated his response. "Ah, Jim, I do perceive the concept. However, this is where emotion clouds the logic of the situation."

"What situation is that?" His mouth was asking questions but Jim knew his brain had given up. His vision became pinpoint, seeing Spock only in a field of black.

"I desire Nyota and, although she desires me as well, she also desires you--" Spock was concerned, Jim was usually more adept at deductive reasoning.

"And you know this--how?" There went the mouth again.

"I was touching her when you entered the lab. My shields were down; her thoughts became known to me." It was a simple, but painful confession. Vulcans had many rules regarding melds between unbonded partners and Spock was breaking several.

Oh, it just kept getting better and better--not only was Spock suddenly into sharing mates, he was into sharing secrets. Taking a quick breath, Kirk thought to share a bit of wisdom he had learned over the years. "Another thing human females don't like, Spock: you knowing their mind and sharing it with others; no good ever comes of it."

"Jim, for my proposal to work, we must have honesty between us. Nyota is more logical than most Terran females. I do not foresee this to be a problem." Spock's concern grew; he did not expect Jim's protective instincts to flare in this discussion. Nyota was not the disadvantaged member in their relationship to Spock's way of thinking.

"But you've not discussed this with her yet...?" Kirk thought warp core breaches would look like Fourth of July sparklers in comparison to her blowout.

"No, she is having difficulty assimilating her feelings for you in the context of her involvement with me. I have anticipated, by factoring in her cultural mores, that the idea of a concurrent relationship will not present itself to her." Spock realized he was bordering on speculation, something he worked diligently to avoid, but dealing with humans often required it.

"Or me, Spock. What do your cultural mores have to say about a ménage a trois?" Yep, that pretty much sounded like what Spock was offering to him. Oh, wouldn't Nogura have his head, both of them, on a platter if he heard about this?!

"No Jim, a strict definition of ménage a trois is an open living and sexual relationship. We cannot afford to be open about our relationship nor do I see living together as a viable situation while aboard ship. However, regardless of term, Vulcan history is replete with such deep sharing between t'hy'la. Life in the desert was always a struggle. To lose a bond brother for the lack of a mate was unconscionable. "

Spock thought Jim understood his explanation of the concept of t'hy'la after the debacle of his betrothal to T'Pring. He was the brother Vulcan society would allow, a ne ki'ne of the first order that Spock never doubted. His mercurial nature inspired Spock, gave him hope that one day he would find a similar balance within his own nature. Jim unabashedly exhibited emotion yet succeeded in spite of, or more heretical to Vulcan thinking, because of it. To Spock he was a paradox; rationally governing his emotions or giving them free rein, whatever was required to achieve his goal. He was a kazhuksu worthy of great sacrifice.

"Spock, Humans tend to mate more than once every seven years--" Why did this sound like Sex Ed 101? Kirk's vision was now both pinpoint and surreal, a dream excruciatingly detailed.

"As I have observed from your behavior, Jim." Kirk's desire for sex appeared more on the matter of days rather than years. For his own part, Spock felt the same way. The seven year mating cycle was just that, a time to procreate rather than a time for pleasurable sexual intimacy. Humans were prone to miss the distinction and Vulcans were not inclined to correct their assumption.

"--the chances of friction between us would rise dramatically. " Kirk finished with an exasperated frown. He was in no mood for pot shots about his sexual behavior from Spock.

"That would certainly be the case if we vied for her attentions separately; conversely, if we choose to concurrently share her affection the odds diminish considerably. " He had explained this point already; Jim was being uncharacteristicall y dense.

"The odds diminish considerably? --Spock, I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you." Kirk had thought it to himself a thousand times during this conversation, might as well confess it out loud now. His mind was in anarchy, even talking was a struggle. All thought of Nyota as a flesh and blood woman was pushed far, far away, chaos forbidding the processing of Spock's idea as anything other than abstract theory.

"What is the issue, Jim? Have I misjudged your attraction to Nyota? Does the idea of a polyamorous relationship overwhelm your moral code of conduct? Your actions during past shore leaves had led me to a different conclusion. Only because I consider you t'hy'la can I contemplate the idea myself. For us all to 'win' I am willing to share. I am not willing to terminate my relationship with Nyota in your favor." His last remark was accompanied by a ram-like dip of his head--truce or challenge implicit in the posturing.

"There was a reason Grandpa wanted me to be a farmer...." Kirk muttered to himself. The muscle in his right cheek was now ticcing in time to the pulse throbbing at his temple. A hazy veil of gray replaced his pinpoint vision.

"Jim, I do not understand how the wish of your ancestor has any bearing on our discussion." Kirk's logic was seriously compromised. His complexion was alternately flush or pale; perhaps he had taxed Jim's emotional reserves past a safe tolerance.

"And *that* is the problem, Spock, you *don't* understand. I can't continue this conversation tonight; if you want to carry on then Uhura will have to explain it to you." He felt bad for throwing this walking nightmare to Uhura but he had little doubt Spock would go there anyway. Maybe she could get it through to him. All *he* wanted to do right now was crawl under the covers and disappear, but he doubted his body's symphony of tics and throbs would allow an escape into sleep.


"You what?!" Spock's hand deftly intercepted the upraised palm aimed for his face.

"There is no need for violence, Nyota; I am quite capable of understanding a verbal reprimand." Spock's cheeks flushed green at the open anger Nyota displayed toward him.

"You think? Because it sure doesn't sound like you understand anything to my way of thinking." Nyota had not been this angry in a long time. The sense of betrayal wounded her deeply.

"Jim told me you might have such a reaction. I told him I thought you would see the logic of my solution." The indignation in Nyota's voice made it plain he had miscalculated.

"The solution--the solution, Spock?!" It was all she could do to keep her hands to herself. "I'm not chattel to be shared at your discretion. Who *I* choose to be involved with and how is *my* choice--you got *that* Mister!?" She had never felt so humiliated in all her life. The idea of going to the bridge next shift was mortifying. How could he have thought a threesome was a good idea? How could he have discussed it with Kirk?

"Understood, Nyota, but your desire for Jim was clearly evident, as was his desire for you. You are allowing your emotions of shame and guilt to color your judgment. There is no reason for either emotion. Kaiidth --what is, is. While I would prefer you to feel differently, I accept them for what they are. In light of the emotions at play, I considered my solution a win-win for each of us." Emotions were capricious and volatile, better kept under the control of reason. Spock was discovering that a relationship with a Human female required much more than logic. Did Sarek find it thus?

"Spock, if you live long enough," the patience in Uhura's voice was manifest, "you will find that Humans often desire what they can't have--often for that very reason. The idea of being involved with the Captain is romantic because it's a fantasy of power and taboo. His desire for me is much the same--I'm crew--I'm forbidden. I'm sometimes under his nose for twelve to fourteen hours a day; he's bound to have daydreams."

"You are telling me the attraction between you is not based in reality but fantasy?" The concept argued with what he had felt in Nyota's mind. That was real, but was its source a fallacy?

"Yes, Spock, it's the idea of the man rather than the man himself." Nyota made sure Spock was not touching her at the moment. Too tired to contemplate the truth of her words, it was for the best in either case.


Spock recounted Nyota's explanation of their attraction during breakfast, studying Kirk's face for any sign of denial but the Captain kept his face heavily guarded even as he agreed to Nyota's assessment of their relationship. Spock strongly suspected he missed something during their interaction but was at a loss as to what it might be.

The day watch was uneventful if one did not consider giving and taking orders without eye contact to be unusual. Sulu and Chekov were oblivious to the awkwardness between Uhura and Kirk but for once Spock was not. Uhura gave report from just behind the Conn instead of her usual place in front and slightly to the Captain's left. If Kirk took issue with her change in reporting station, Spock could not detect it.


One shift became twenty and Spock observed the awkwardness between Jim and Nyota evolve into a sort of reticence, as if neither knew how to get past the incident in the lab or Spock's subsequent offer. It was subtle, still apparently only visible to Spock amongst the Bridge crew, but McCoy's aside to him after a routine briefing only validated his concern. The doctor was trained and extremely astute in Human interactions.

"Has anything happened between Jim and Uhura, Spock?" At Spock's raised brow and continued silence, McCoy elaborated, assuming Spock required more detail. "They're awfully skittish around each other--like the leftovers of a lover's quarrel--when neither knows how to say 'I'm sorry'."

"As the Lieutenant and Captain are not lovers, Doctor, your analogy is lacking. I have detected no loss in efficiency from either party and I would recommend that you not pursue this topic with the Captain." He remained as bland as ever but Spock noted a 2.64 percent increase in his own heart rate.

"Yes, Spock, if that is your way of warning me off, I get it. I understand he'd hardly take kindly to me asking if he'd had a lover's spat with a crewmember. Just keep an eye out for me and let me know if it doesn't resolve itself in a day or two. Something is definitely going on between them but I don't want to make a mountain out of a mole hill." Uhura was the one female crewmember Kirk would loosen up with occasionally- -maybe not while on duty--but sometimes on the rec deck or in the mess hall he would let the real Jim Kirk surface in her company. They walked a fine line between professionalism and caring and McCoy worried such a line crossed would be extremely costly.

"Rest assured, Doctor, I will 'keep an eye out' as you say. However, I am confident that any emotional aberration in their social interactions will resolve itself soon." Choosing to mock the doctor usually had the desired effect of distracting him from the point.

"Be careful, Spock. It almost sounded like you said they would kiss and make up--" For once not willing to take the bait, McCoy merely arched his own brow and walked away.

"One can only hope, Doctor." The Vulcan confessed to the now-empty room.


Uhura found herself standing outside the Captain's quarters, her patience in shreds at the continued stalemate between them, much like her relationship with Spock. She could no longer stand the expectant looks Spock gave her, as if he waited for her to *do* something; the question of want and desire still lingering on their periphery, like a cut that refused to heal. She was shy of his touch, uneasy at the thought of his mind entering hers, probing and analyzing her jumble of conflicting emotions. What used to be erotic and sensual now made her feel violated.

Her hand hesitated over the door chime, her resolve wilting at what could be the outcome of this conversation. Nyota was under no confusion that any sort of re-approachment would be coming from Kirk. Willfulness was not one of his best attributes but one he possessed in abundance. She remembered the hurt and anger in his eyes. No apologies would make the anger go away, leaving only the hurt to work with. It was unintentionally inflicted but Nyota knew she must be the one to bandage the injury, to attend to it so they all could heal.

A firm "come" acknowledged her request for audience and Nyota stepped smartly into Kirk's quarters. She could not afford to appear weak or timid but cocky would get her sat down on her ass too.

"Yes, Lieutenant, how may I help you?" Kirk remained sitting at his desk, his tone cool and professional, just like he spoke to her on the Bridge.

"I need to discuss something with you, sir; permission to speak freely?" She kept her shoulders squared and her eyes fixed straight ahead, not daring to assume he would tolerate anything but midshipman spit and polish. She felt his eyes on her, studying and assessing for agonizing seconds before responding.

"Granted, Lieutenant, what is on your mind?" Nyota thought he had forgotten her name, only using her title since that night.

"I want to discuss what happened the other night in Mister Spock's lab, sir, and the resultant conversation he had with you. It has caused an estrangement between us--one I want to rectify." Even though she was granted permission to speak freely, Uhura kept her tone and manner within decorum.

"I'm sure everything will resolve itself in due time, Lieutenant." Kirk kept his own decorum intact, his brief remarks giving Nyota little to work with.

"How long is 'due time,' sir?" Changing tactics by softening her voice and her posture, Uhura gave in but not up.

"I don't know, Lieutenant. I've never been in this situation before." His eyes remained wary, recognizing her change in behavior as strategic.

"Walking in on something, sir--or just one involving me?" Strategy be damned, Nyota pushed hard. She could either wind up looking like the vainest fool ever or finally get to the real issue between them.

Kirk's eyes tightened in a minute flinch, his chin rising in recognition of her 'all in' attitude. "You and Spock surprised me. I like to think I know what's going on around here. It's unnerving to discover that I don't." He still hedged his bet, but at least he did not embarrass her.

"Is that all, sir?" She was not willing to leave it like this between them, a chaste dance between innamorati.

A soft, sheepish smile flashed briefly across his face. "If I admit to being envious, can we call it a draw?" Still the captain, he stood, attempting to bring their conversation to a close on a more conciliatory note.

Nyota stepped toward him instead of the door, ramping up the energy between them. The smile left Kirk's face, replaced by an intense, hungry look. This was the man she sought; the man who waited to be invited before pillaging the maiden. "No one wins with that hand, sir." She stood inches away from him, her face turned upward in her own challenge.

"Then I guess we need to deal a new hand...." His lips only brushed hers, teasing yet waiting to see if she would respond in kind. A million reasons to stop screamed in his brain--for once he lost himself in the solitude of deafness.

Nyota raised herself on tiptoe, looping her arms around his neck, pulling him down into a deeper kiss. "Don't you hate logic?" She laughed throatily against his mouth. His arms encircled her, holding her tightly against his body.

"I don't know; it seems like it could be a great time saver." He grinned in between kisses, moving down to nuzzle the base of her throat.

"You know, Spock will be insufferably smug about this." Running her hands under Kirk's shirt and across his bare chest did not seem at odds with their conversation about her other lover. 'Her *other* lover--how strange that sounded to her; she had never been involved with two men at the same time.

"Spock is frequently insufferably smug, but when he's right it's worth tolerating." Kirk's hands were sliding up the back of Nyota's thighs, stopping to cup the firm mounds at their top.

"He's not willing to give me up, or I him. Are you okay with that?" She pulled her head back from the possession of his lips, needing to make herself understood before all thought left them.

"Are you?" Nyota found herself wedged between the bulkhead and Jim's substantial erection, his eyes locked with hers, feral and shining like polished amber.

"I don't know; I think so." Her fingers were struggling with the opening of his pants. Coherent thought was past her now.

"You don't think he'll be mad we went ahead without him?" Nyota's uniform shorts and panties were being pushed down her legs. His thumb stroked her sex possessively.

"I'll tell him I was shy." She whispered in his ear as she freed herself from the clothes pooled around her ankles and wrapped her legs around Jim's waist.

"Oh, he'll totally believe that." Replacing his hand with something more in need, Jim pushed into Nyota's moist heat, nearly losing it as she clamped down on his seeking shaft.

"Shut up and fu--mmmm." Her words were swallowed by an ardent kiss.


"Don't you ever knock?" Kirk's flippancy was an effort to conceal the uncomfortable moment between waking to find Spock standing over them and what the Vulcan might do at finding them together in bed.

"I trust you and Nyota enjoyed yourselves." If the arched brow was any indication, Kirk thought he might live to see another day.

"Sorry we didn't wait for you Spock, but we didn't think you'd mind our first time just being between us." He hoped his grin looked more apologetic than the one Nyota sported.

"No, Jim, but the second and third time were beginning to test my tolerance." Damn! Regardless of his many denials, Jim always suspected Spock could hear everything that happened in his quarters.

"Oh, Spock, come here and let me make it up to you." Nyota stretched out her arms, encouraging him to join them in bed.

"My God, woman, you are insatiable." It was only half in jest, Kirk knew he was still exhausted.

"Jim, you have no idea how true your words are." The tilt of his head suggested he was joking, but the long suffering look made Jim pause.

"Sssshhhh, it's two against one, I would think my appetite would work in you gentlemen's favor." She gave them both an affronted look.

"Well, she's right about that, Spock." He grinned up at Spock, now seeing the plus side.

"And I'm right that we need a bigger bed." She noticed Spock had moved to her side of the bed but stopped before making himself a crowded third.

"Then, in the mean time, the floor must suffice." Both she and Jim yelped as the mattress was unceremoniously pulled off the bed and dropped onto the floor. A jumble of arms, legs and pillows seemed inviting. "Move over, Jim, I believe Nyota wished to offer me an apology."

Jim grinned; they were definitely going to need to beef up the soundproofing.


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