A Gift Amongst Friends S/U, M [G]

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Disclaimer: I earn no riches from Trek other than my fantasies.
Summary: Another submission for the TOSHET Valentine's Day Challenge

"Sometimes that man can be so insufferable," Ny muttered between clenched teeth as she walked back into the room where McCoy waited.

"I would walk a thousand miles to hear you say that again," McCoy chortled at Uhura's fit of pique. His visit with Ny had been interrupted by Spock's call home--a call she had been impatiently waiting for since yesterday. "I'd pay real money too," he finished as she rolled her eyes at him as he easily slipped back into his Vulcan-baiting persona.

"I take it he's not coming home anytime soon?" McCoy asked, stepping up and placing a consoling kiss on the top of Ny's head as she threw herself on the settee in disgust. He really was sorry to see her so dejected at being alone while Spock mediated another dispute off planet.

"No, and he knew I wanted to spend this Valentine's Day together--it's our first since we've married!" she added with a dose of drama; sometimes it felt good to have a good snit.

"Well, Darlin' no reason you can't go to him if he won't come to you. Damn fool Vulcan for not appreciating what he's got?" the elder surgeon offered as a solution for a lonely friend and her obstinate ambassador.

"Len, that's a great idea! I mean, Valentines *is* an Earth custom but there's no reason we can't celebrate it on Coridan just as easily," Ny smiled at him and his heart ached that he had no one to miss him like she did Spock.

Covering up his moment of melancholy, McCoy pulled a beribboned and bowed container from his travel bag, a present for Ny, brought back from one of his latest missions. "Now don't go getting caught in customs with these down on Coridan. I don't wanna' have to explain how you got them, much less me," he grumbled sheepishly as he gave Ny the container.

"Oh, Len! How *did* you get these? They're not allowed off-planet--I mean--Deltan chocolate covered love nuts! Ohhhh, thank you! Spock is definitely in trouble now," Ny purred in mischievous delight as she hugged McCoy for such a decadent and seductive gift. McCoy grinned back just as evilly, knowing he had kept a jar for himself. The Vulcan may have won the heart of this woman, but he was not ready to abdicate the whole female gender to him just yet.


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  1. Anonymous2.11.09

    Ha - it's one all. Spock got the girl, but McCoy got the hug. A really sweet story.
    Ny smiled at him and his heart ached that he had no one to miss him like she did Spock.